Freedom Summer 60 – A Mississippi Department of Archives & History Project

Safety Guidelines for Participants

We advise our participants to:

  • Be proactive about personal safety.

    Nothing can replace old-fashioned common sense regarding safety while traveling. We recommend that participants avoid bringing expensive clothing and jewelry, travel in groups, stick to well-lit areas, and remain aware of their surroundings at all times.

  • Be on time.

    For group travel to go smoothly, each group member must be punctual and demonstrate respect to all the participants in the group. Please plan to be ready 5-10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • Keep all possessions in a safe place.

    Participants are responsible for their possessions. It is best not to leave valuables behind on the bus or at the hotel unless locked in a safe.

Health and Medical information:

  • Dietary and health issues

    Participants should inform institute staff about any dietary or health-related issues that might affect them during the institute. Staff will try to accommodate all dietary restrictions during included meals. A form for this was in your participant email.

  • Emergency Contact

    Participants should confirm that we have the correct emergency contact details on file. (Make sure the person you choose will be reachable during your time with us.) A form for this was in your participant email.

Weather Statement:

During the summer months in Mississippi, temperatures reach the high-90s°F with 100% humidity. To stay safe, take the following precautions.

  • Apply sunscreen multiple times a day
  • Wear a hat
  • Bring cool, comfortable, and light-colored clothing.
  • Stay hydrated. Bring a refillable water bottle to keep liquids cool.
  • Pace yourself. If you need a break, let the staff know.
  • Bring layers for indoor activities (It may be hot outside, but we love the air-conditioning turned up!)

Rain and thunderstorms can be frequent in summer afternoons, so rain gear is strongly suggested.

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